Setting text color for a row

I posted a few days ago about setting text color for a row and it not applying to the Text Module.

I updated to latest BB version this morning and tried again. The text color I set for the Row is applied to Heading but it is still not being applied to Text Module.

So I decided just to change it inline. Selected text and tried to select color and text size and discovered those options do not work in the Text Module. When I click on Paragraph, Font Size, and Color, nothing happens. NO drop down appears and no way to change anything.

I would prefer that the settings in the Row would apply to the Text Module but now I can’t even make text changes inline.

Shouldn’t the text I set in the Row apply to the Text Module the same as it does the Heading module?

Also, not sure why the text options no longer work in the Text Module…

Any ideas?

Hmm, sounds like there may be something else going on here as the latest update (1.4.7) should have row text color apply to whatever is within the row. Re. the text options, sounds like there may be a plugin conflict there though which could be related. Can I please have you go through the plugin exercise of deactivating all plugins, testing BB and then reactivating each one by one while testing BB to rule out a 3rd party plugin?


Hi Billy,

I am working on my live site so don’t want to deactivate all the plugins. So instead I installed BB on a testing server to check and all is working.

Which means it is a plugin conflict and now for me just to figure out which one.

Sorry for not checking that before posting.

Not a problem at all, Yael! Let me know what you find and we’ll go from there!