Setting Up Beaver Builder For Clients

Hi there,

I am just wondering how to best integrate Beaver Builder for client setup.

For instance, what I am thinking of doing is having three packages for our clients

  1. DIY - they can create new pages, use the page builder to add modules and rows etc and save them. They can use the templates as building blocks. They are in control of everything.
  2. Edit it yourself - Clients can edit existing pages and only edit the content in them, NOT access the builder modules, create new rows, etc.
  3. We do it all - we build and edit all content, user doesnt get login to the site

What I am stuck with is user number (2) where they can only edit existing pages and the content in them and not use the editor to build the pages. This would work if they can NOT create new pages. The way BB works (from what I can see in my Pro version) is the users (editor user role) can actually create pages, but if they do not have the manage_options (or whatever capability) to build the pages, any new pages they create and edit with the builder are uneditable and pretty much stuck as blank until an admin inserts a template to edit them.

Is there a way I can make it so that user number (2) can create new pages, but only select a template as a starting block and then only edit the content in the template? Not add rows, etc. Else, I guess I can disable the create page capability for this type of user and I setup pages for them and then template and then they go in and edit them.

I am curious to know how other people handle BB integration with their clients where some want control to build pages and others just edit.

Hey Grant,

I’ve already assigned someone from the team who can assist your with your concern.


Hey Grant,

We’ll leave this open for the community, but you are correct in the capabilities. Currently, the only way to lock down BB would be to use WP’s native user roles or set the capability in the page builder settings. Sorry I don’t have a better answer here for you. This could be a good question for users in our Beaver Builder Facebook Group. I know others have been having some conversation around this type of setup and may be able to offer up a solution that isn’t native to BB.