SharePrints Plugin disables the PageBuilder, BB Gallery doesn't seem to work.

Hey guys, I’m using a gallery plugin called SharePrints, and using the shortcode to insert the gallery into the the page template I’m building. The problem is that when SharePrints is active, I’m no longer able to click any of the buttons in the BB PageBuilder. If I disable the plugin it works.

So I thought, "Well, I’ll just have to use BB’s gallery plugin, but that’s not working right either, because when I create a gallery of “collaged” photos, they are all stacked up vertically, no matter if it’s small, medium or large sizes. Clearing the cache hasn’t fixed this. I’d really love to use the SharePrints plugin if we could.

Hey Micah,

Thanks for getting in touch! Sounds like there is a plugin conflict there for sure. Have you tried deactivating the SharePrints plugin all together and then giving the BB gallery module a shot? It sounds like the issue is directly related to SharePrints, but give that a try to be sure. Also, if possible, send along temp admin access via private reply so I can take a look. The page where this is occurring would be great as well. If there is indeed a plugin conflict, we’ll issue a bug report and get it looked at as soon as we can!


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Hey Micah,

Yep, seeing the same thing. Would you mind sending me FTP access as well?


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Thanks! I am able to recreate the issue now. I am just about to head out for the day, but I will spend some time digging into this tomorrow for you. Sorry for the delay. I’ll be in touch ASAP.

Hi Micah. I was playing around with SharePrints on my dev server and everything seems to be working okay.

I noticed there is a javascript error on the Ervin Photography site, and I believe that is what’s causing the problems. Your theme is trying to load this jQuery script: jquery.fitvids.min.js but for some reason it’s not getting loaded. That is causing a Javascript error that is preventing any Javascript from executing on the page (including our gallery code).

I believe once that bug is resolved everything should start working again. As far as I can tell, there isn’t any conflict with BB and SharePrints. I hope that helps!

Robby, thanks a ton for your help so far. I was able to get that javascript error fixed (just a bad path) and it appeared to work just fine, but then I went and re-enabled all my other plugins and it seemed to cause another conflict. I’m getting the exact same problem on this page:

Is there some way to tell which plugins are conflicting?

Hmm, on my end the galleries seem to be loading? Are you still experiencing the error? If so, can you let me know which browser you’re using.

To pinpoint which plugin is causing issues, we usually recommend turning off all of your other plugins, then turning them back on one-by-one and checking to see which caused the problem.

Yes, gallery shows up when visiting but if you launch page builder, the gallery goes away and all of the items on the right are now not clickable. I’m using the latest Chrome on Yosemite.

Ah, sorry. I see now.

There is still a Javascript error on the page that is preventing BB from loading. It looks like it is coming from this code block:


Is this code that you added? If so, can you try changing the $ to jQuery. Here is a copy/paste on why you’ll want to try this:

“The tricky thing is this particular copy of jQuery is in compatibility mode by default. That means that the typical ‘$’ shortcut for jQuery doesn’t work, so it doesn’t conflict with any other JavaScript libraries that use the dollar sign also, like MooTools or Prototype.”

Let me know if that helps!