Sidebar overlapping footer


I have a wee daft issue - I have created my page layout - and I have centre area with a side bar. In the side bar I have 3 widgets - 2 text & 1 html (as I need a header & an image in the last one, so I can’t use an image widget) - but the side bar hangs over the footer - which is coloured.

So I have a white image at the side dipping over a grey area.

As the site is in development - I dont want to post the url here - so I will post this and then see if I get get the private reply to appear.

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Hi Kiaran,

To resolve your issue, you could try settings your background color to white. This will hide the sidebar hanging over the light grey area beneath it.


The issue appears to be related to your background image and color. As far as I can tell you’re using the background image to give your content area a white background color, but your background color is set to a light grey. Which is why you see the grey background appear above your footer area.


I am an absolute idiot!!! I’ve loaded up the wrong background image.

Thank you very much and sorry for bothering you with a “user error”

Loving beaver builder so much! (and support is excellent)

Hehe! No problem Kiaran.

Happy to hear your issue has been resolved and thank you for informing us, we appreciate it.