Site Builder gone!!

Have several BB sites up and running. For one of them the page builder function is not appearing when im launching that function. This occurred this week and only for that site. Any ideas. I have tried reinstalling without success and de activated all but one plug in (set more calendar). Although this plug in have been installed all the time. No updates or changes this week from our side.

Best regards

Hey Karl-Thomas,

Good to see you in our forums! :slight_smile: Sorry to hear about the issues! The first step we’ll have you do will be to disable all of your plugins including the one you mention above. If BB works as it should while all plugins are disabled, that means there is a plugin conflict causing issues with BB. Go ahead and re-enable each while testing BB to see if you can pinpoint which plugin it is. I am assuming since you went this route with the exception of set more calendar, that is the one throwing issues. Can you please test and let me know?


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Hello Karl-Thomas,

It looks like your site has a different Wordpress URL and Site URL. Please refer to screenshot.
Problem is we are logged in to the site with no problems but the pages are pointing towards which we aren’t logged in. Visiting won’t work as well since it redirects to the qlicksthlm site.

Hope this helps!