Site crashes with IE

Good morning, it was just called to my attention that our most heavily-formatted page,, crashes unceremoniously when viewed with Internet Explorer. I have confirmed this with two different systems and now I need to figure out why. Error messages are completely generic, with no diagnostic information at all:

Internet Explorer has stopped working


A problem caused the program to stop working correctly.

Can anyone there help me sleuth this out?

Rick A.
Pleasanton CA

Hey Rick,

I tried visiting the page on my end via IE and it works fine. What OS and what IE version were those systems on? I think the problem is more related to the system being used rather than the site being viewed if that makes sense.


I wish it were that simple, but two different systems exhibit this problem. I’ll try to find out some common denominators. Stand by…

It seems that the toxic combination is Windows 10 and IE 13. If I have to, I will do the whole disable plugin dance, but I sure wish I could isolate the problem a bit first. Any ideas?

Hey Rick,

I think the last update for IE was 11, then they switched to Edge. Can you verify if the IE version is really 13? :slight_smile:


My apologies, Ben – you are correct. IE 11.

Hi Rick,

Sorry to about this issue. I have just experienced the same problem viewing your site via BrowserStack. So it has to be something on that particular page. So we can best diagnose your problem is it possible for you to disable all active plugins except for BB. Then reload your page and see if IE11 crashes again.

I understand you want to try and isolate the issue before disabling plugins, but this will tell us immediately if it is related to a third party plugin or not.

If you disable all active plugins and the issue persists, then it is either related to a BB or any custom code you may have added to that page.