Slider with content issue

I am a BB newbie.
I have an issue with slider (slider with content)
Trying to build one but impossible to save it, only cancel button is working
on this site :

Tried on a sandbox site, it worked :

Differences are theme and extensions.
So I think it is an extension compatibility issue.

Does anyone knows if imagify cause problems, I suspect it


Hi Marc,

Unfortunately, I don’t have any experience with Imagify. However, to find the culprit you’re going to need to first rule out your theme. You can do this quickly by switching to one of the 20xx WordPress themes. If you still encounter the issue, it is likely a plugin causing the problem.

To locate the plugin causing the issue, disable all active plugins except for BB and then enable one plugin and try to recreate the issue.
If there is no issue, disable that plugin and enable the next one. Repeat this process until the issue returns. When it does, the plugin you have active is the one causing the issue. I understand this is tedious task but is the best method of identifying the culprit.


Hello Danny,

Thanks for your post. Your method is the good one (it reminds me Mac OS before X with extentions conflicts:)
The culprit is the theme :

But, changing theme, creating the slider, then returning to this theme, keep the slider allright (but still cannot add a slide and save it in that theme)

I’ll try to contact the theme developper.
Meanwhile, if you have any idea…

I let you know here.

Best regards.

Hey Marc,

Would it be possible for you send us a copy of the theme in question so we can play around with it on our local dev? You can send it to hello [at] wpbeaverbuilder [dot] com. Can you also reference this thread on the email so we know what it is for? :slight_smile:


Hey Marc,

Received the theme. Just wondering, is this the same theme as the one below?

The description states that it comes with another page builder. We don’t really recommend using 2 page builders at one time as this usually results in a conflict. Also, I’ve noticed the theme hasn’t been updated in the last 6 months. Is it still being maintained?


Hello Ben,
Thanks for your help.
Yes the theme is that one you indicate.

It is a website I did not built and have to take it as it is to improve it.
I went on the vendor website instead of ThemeForest and did not noticed that Visual Composer was part of the package.
But I noticed in admin that Visual Composer extension was installed and I deactivated it and installed BB and began to build with it.

I don’t know how far this theme and Visual Composer are intricated.
I tried on an other sandbox WP site where Visual Composer was never installed,
the same issue came up.

I think the theme is maintained because they answered my email, but I have to wait
my client get the licence Number from former agency. If not they’ll rebuy it
or they’ll have to change for an other theme.

I’ll let you know

Best regards.


Gotcha! It just seems weird that it wasn’t being update for over 6 months! :slight_smile: Chances are, the theme has several features made extensively for VC which is what’s interfering with how our page builder works. Definitely let us know how it goes as we can check deeper if we need to. :slight_smile:



So I asked on the comment page of this theme on ThemeForest
and got a quick, final but disappointing answer :

Me : Hello, Visual Composer is fine but I prefer Beaver Builder , will it work OK with that theme ?

TemplateMelaTemplateMela AUTHOR
about 9 hours ago Flag :
We have created this theme with visual composer only not support to any other page builder plugin.

Now I’ll ask my client if he wants to keep visual composer or change the theme.

Have a nice day !

Hi Marc,

I had a look and it looks like that theme is using an outdated copy of the jQuery Validate library that is overriding our copy and breaking things.

All they need to do is update jquery.validate.js to the latest version and the issue will go away. I have tested and confirm that will work.



I am impressed by the efficiency, the commitment and the kindness of BB support !
Thanks to everybody guys :slight_smile:

Have a great week.