Slideshow Image Blurriness


I am building a site and using the slideshow module. It works as expected, except in terms of image blurriness.

The site is -

I took out the images and left only one for comparison purposes. I have also inserted a Soliloquy slider using the same image above the image served up by the slideshow module. Note that both slider images are from the same image in my media file. The dimensions of the image are 1084px by 460px.

The Soliloquy slider image on the top is more clearly defined and less washed out than the image underneath from the slideshow module.

I would prefer to use your module but am wondering have I got a setting wrong with your module or is it the “nature of the beast”?



Hi John,

Looks like you’re using the Slideshow module. Can you try changing to the Content Slider module?

That should solve your problem.


Hey John,

That is interesting in terms of the blurriness. The image that the slide is using, have you checked to make sure the media setting where you select the image says that it is full size? Off the top of my head, that is the only thing I could see causing that. Let me know when you get a chance.


Thanks for your thoughts Colin and Billy.

Billy - I could not find the media setting for full size in the slideshow module. I must be looking in the wrong place maybe?

Colin - I have tried your suggestion thank you.

I also added a straight photo module for comparative purposes. I have now looked intently at the four images for a while. It appears that the quality is better for all but the one for the slideshow module, which is the image at the bottom.

It would be useful for your opinions - particularly for the Soliloquy slider on top and the Content slider underneath. They look the same quality to me, but maybe I have been looking at them for too long!



Thanks John. Would you mind sending a quick private reply with admin login details so I can take a look. I’m more curious than anything now since the slideshow module is the only one that is blurry! :slight_smile:

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That is bizarre, John. I’ll need to do some testing on my end to see what might be going on here. I may suggest using an image that is a bit more high res for the slideshow module, but something weird is going on regardless. Thanks for providing login details!

No worries Billy. I will use the Content Slider for the time being. I lowered the resolution to speed up loading time and will look at this again. Can I remove the log in details or would you like access still?

Thanks John, I’m good for now as I’ll do some testing in my local environment. I’ll let you know what I find out!

After a bit of testing, it appears the blurriness only happens at a certain breakpoint. The breakpoint range appears to be at a screen size of 1320px and below. Very odd, but we’ll certainly make note of this.

Thanks Billy.

On another note - can you recommend an optimum size to load these images into the content slider. I just put them in full size. Beautiful but it blew my page loading time out of the water. Ugh!

Originally I sized them precisely for the slider - 1084px by 460px. Presumably it needs to be larger?



Generally speaking, I shoot for a size of around 600 - 800k max. for larger slide type images to get good load times (smaller if I can manage it without losing too much resolution). You can adjust the quality a bit in PS to get around that size no matter the actual pixel dimensions of the image. If you are using a boxed layout like the site example you provided, I don’t see any harm in sizing for the actual width of the module since that wouldn’t get any larger.

Thanks again Billy.