Slideshow not mobile responsive

I have a logo slideshow on my home page, but I’ve noticed that when the page is shrunk, or I’m looking at it on a device that’s smaller than my full size screen, the logos don’t shrink. The logos on either side are blocked partially or completely blocked depending on the size of the screen. It seems that it’s not mobile responsive. Is there any way to fix this?

Here’s what I’m using: When I’m in Beaver Builder, under the wpzoom modules, it’s the one that says “slideshow”. I don’t have individual logos - I have an image approximately 1300x235 with 6 logos per image. I have three of these sliding.

The image slides exactly as I’d want it to, and it shows the images with all 6 logos perfectly on my big screen. However, any smaller screens block out some of the logos. You can see it on the link I below.

Here’s the page. The slideshow is the third row down: