Some bb-theme effects not surviving site Clone

Hi guys,

Quick, and probably dumb, noob question…

Got a website up and running using Beaver Builder, the bb-theme etc and it all runs really well.

Now as part of wanting to control the flow of changes to the site I have setup a Clone of it using the Softaculous applet on my cpanel page. Not sure how commonly this is used, but in short it takes a Clone of my site and then lets me make changes to the Clone which I can then “Push” to the main site once I’m happy.

Just noticed today that some formatting that is perfectly OK on my Clone of the site, is getting lost after I “Push” it to the main site.

Is this something anyone has come across before?

Also happy to take recommendations on better ways to clone the site for development purposes. I use UpdraftPlus to backup and its Pro version has a Clone facility, but its quite expensive for what I need for now.