some doubts


Our company has recently acquired beaver builder agency license. and we’ve been struggling with some issues, that we hope (and fortunately are sure), that you may help us to figure out. these issues are concerned with:

    • accessing to super administrator panel
    • filling up beaver builder with a collection of our own templates, namely betheme repository templates, and total template, allowing our users to fully configure and edit the templates.
  1. in the case of the first question, we can’t simply figure out where the super administrator panel is located. maybe we didn’t install or set up this properly. we appreciate if you can help us sorting this out

  2. our company has a huge repository of wordpress templates. we have been struggling to add be theme and total collection of wordpress themes, as part of the templates our clients will be able to edit. we can in both cases load the templates into wordpress, but we can’t save them as part of the beaver builder collection. in the case of total, we can edit some of the templates components, but most of css and html, and so on so forth, gets unformatted, and replaced by beaver builder default widgets. in the case of be theme, we can’t simple edit nothing in the templates, from the beaver builder panel.

we would appreciate it if you could help us to figure out how to access beaver builder super administrator as well as editing and including the possibility for our clients to edit our repository of templates from the page builder UI, without having to access the wordpress backoffice.

kind regards

Hi Sérgio,

Thanks for posting! Regarding #1, that is located in the network admin under Settings > Page Builder.

Regarding #2, Beaver Builder’s system only works with templates that were built using Beaver Builder. It sounds like what you have aren’t template but actually WordPress themes. If that is the case, you’ll need to build the templates you want with Beaver Builder before they can be used by others.

Let me know if you have any questions about that.


Hi Justin,

Well, I wasn´t expecting this kind of answer from you. When you say in your 3rd FAQ:
“Do I need to use the Beaver Builder theme?
No! Absolutely not. The Page Builder plugin was designed to work with any theme.”

This suggests that BB site builder allows to edit any wordpress theme, and that’s the main reason why we bought it.
So, if we first have to create a wordpress template, and only then use BB to make some changes, this simply doesn’t correspond to our needs.

What we need is a site builder solution that can be used in all our clients, permitting them to edit any of our available wordpress templates, whatever they are from BB or not.

Do you have any suggestion or technical solution that allows us to load to BB any of our themes, so that them could then be edited by our clients using BB?

If not, I’m afraid that we are gone be forced to use your 30 day refund policy.



Hi Sérgio,

Sorry for any confusion. The builder does work with any theme, but it doesn’t allow you to modify parts of the layout that are coded into the theme such as the header and footer. It only allows you to modify the page content.

Unfortunately, that’s how page builders like Beaver Builder work. I’ve tested almost all of them and can tell you that none of them do what you are looking to accomplish. Since headers/footers are typically hardcoded into a theme, it’s not possible for a page builder to edit them.

Most themes typically come with their own set of customization settings in the WordPress Customizer. Have you considered having your clients edit the theme there and the page content with Beaver Builder?

Have you also considered using the Beaver Builder theme? It’s a simple yet highly customizable theme that may be just what you need.

Let me know what you think about the above.


Hi Sérgio,
we’re developers as well and I just wanted to let you know that you probably need to adjust your workflow as we did. Our toolset is WordPress - Genesis - Dynamik Website Builder - Beaver Builder. But we don’t use Themes which are build by others (like Be Theme). Genesis is a great foundation and with Dynamik Website Builder we create all parts of the custom theme which is repeated on all or some pages (like header, footer, contact forms etc.). Of course these elements can not be altered with Beaver Builder because BB can not be aware of these elements. But everything inbetween these elements is the perfect playground for Beaver Builder. With this regard all Page Builders I know behave the same.

Hope this helps,