Some kind of conflict?

When I “visit site” I do not see any editing options. I am thinking a JS conflict?

I am logged in as an Administrator

I can provide credentials

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Hi Chris,

I logged into your site and I noticed that you had the WP Toolbar disabled on your profile. I enabled that option and you should be able to use the page builder now.

To do so, log into your site and then visit one of your pages. In the WP Admin bar, you should see a menu item called Site Editor (you can renamed it using the Branding options). Once clicked, the page builder should appear and be ready for you to use.

Alternatively, if you do not like the WP Admin bar enabled, you can access the page builder from the WordPress Admin Dashboard > Pages, select your page and then click the Page Builder option.


Ah, thank you. This is a site I’m updating, not one from scratch. They must have done that for some reason…good to know.

No problem, Chris. Happy to help!