Space from removed bulleted list


In Beaver Builder page builder I went to advanced modules and added a menu(horizontal) to my page.
The listed menu items had bullets styles in front of them.
I removed the bullets from the menu list following solutions in this forum(Thank You!)

The issue is:
There is still a blank place holder for the bullets, even though they are not showing. These place holders combined takes up a lot of space. I am thinking this is in the actual template, but Is there is a way to delete these place holders?

(I am using Using Genesis/Dynamik/Beaver Builder)

Thank You.

Hey Ulane,

Welcome to the BB forums! :slight_smile:

Those are most likely styling obtained from your theme. Can you share the URL of the page in question so we can take a look? You can post it here using the private reply option below if you need to.


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Hi Ulane,

I am unable to access the site with the details you provided. Is it possible for you to double check them, please?


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The CSS snippet below should fix you right up! :slight_smile:

.fl-module-menu .fl-menu ul li {
  margin: 0px;


It worked perfectly!
Thank you very much!

No worries at all, Ulane! Glad we could help. :slight_smile:

Enjoy BB!