SSL migration


I have just migrate my website to https / SSL protocol.

I bought my certificate, i change my theme code links to https, i get the better and search serial plugin and ran it 3 times, i get the It connect script also and ran it 2 times, i add my htaccess redirection, i clear caches (BB + wp rocket + browsers) and…

I still have on all pages 3 images called in http mode.

These 3 images are the background images (i have 3 backgoundes rows per page).

Even script + search and replace plugin did’nt find http:// anymore.

Also, i had configure my uploads folder to be a medias folder in the root besite by addig this to the wp-config :

define( ‘UPLOADS’, ‘’.‘medias’ );

This worked fine since 3 years but since the https migration, i do not find my bb cache folder wich were ine medias een if the html code say it’s there. It’s like everything in medias except images are gone.



PS : well, finally, when i browse my medias folder, it seem hlaf images are gone, but they still are on my website :s

PS 2 : i have back up my site to the http protocol waiting monday.

Hey Adelino,

Do you mind sharing the URL of the site so we can check?



I undo the migration since.

I will migrate my site next week thursday cause i have some work to do with woocommerce right now.

Should i close this subject and reopen one thursday ?

Hey Adelino,

No worries! We can just keep this open until then. :slight_smile:


From memory I think you need to change the main url in Wordpress settings to https?

Hi Kathryn,

Thanks for the tip but… already done :wink:

I think i did everythning right. Theere were only 3 backgrounds images per page that still on http.

I will try again thursday.

Hi, so i have done the ssl migration agan and… still 3 images not called trought ssl protocol on each page.

These images are always and only the 3 row backgroud i use on almost every page.

If you go to a page without these backgrounds, erverything’s fine.

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Hey Adelino,

Do you mind sharing temp admin access so we can check?


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Hey Adelino,

Sorry, kinda missed your reply on my email. What’s the URL of the admin?


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Hey Adelino,

When you ran the Serialized Search and Replace script, what did you search for and what did you replace it with? I don’t think using the plugin isn’t such a good idea given your DB is pretty big. Do you have a backup of the old DB?


I did not use the plugin, i used the script. But as you can see, everything elses is ok except the row backgrounds. Il will try to do a search and replace sql command line

When i dis a search for with sql command line, it found noting, in post and post meta

the http image link is written on the beaver generated css file. But clearing cache does not resoled it

I cleared the bb cache and wp rocket cache. I can see on some pages that the row backgrounds are calle 2 times : with http and https