Hello. I bought the standard version of BB in Feb this year, installed on a few sites, but now this message is coming up: UPDATE UNAVAILABLE. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO ENABLE AUTOMATIC UPDATES.
Question 1: Is the standard version not a subscription?
Question 2: Should I uninstall and reinstall the new update?

Hi Des,
there was a problem with the 1.4.6 update for the standard version that prevents you to insert the license key in Settings > Page Builder > License.

Download the just released 1.4.7, reinstall the plugin manually, fill the license field and your issue should be solved.

Best regards,

Hi, I have BB running on two domains. On both of them I can’t get updates to work. When I fill in my key and press save the page reloads and still says: “UPDATES UNAVAILABLE! Please subscribe or enter your licence key below to enable automatic updates. Subscribe Now »”

Hi Robert,
which BB version? If you’re not on the latest you may try to update manually downloading it from your account, then you’ll need to deactivate and uninstall your current installed version and upload the fresh version again.

BB layouts are saved as standard WP metas and there shouldn’t be any risk to loose any of your work, but making a backup never hurts (and for me, this is a fantastic 1 click backup-restore solution ->

Hope this helps.


Hi Alessandro, I downloaded the plugin and themes today. So 1.4.8.

I’m not sure what’s wrong then, someone from the team will check your issue.



Thanks Alessandro!

Robert and Des - if you guys are still having issues, would you mind sending temp admin access along via private reply so we can login and take a look? Also, your account access to our site so we can test as you would be great. Thanks in advance!


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Very interesting, Robert! Sure enough, your license key isn’t working for some reason. All of the usual suspects have been ruled out. By chance, could we get FTP access to both sites?


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Hey Robert,

I did some testing and it looks like your server might be behind a firewall that’s preventing it from connecting to our site via HTTP. HTTPS works fine, but only our main site is on HTTPS at the moment. Our update server is still on HTTP.

Here’s the error I’m seeing…

Failed to connect to port 80: Connection refused

Can you check with your host to see if maybe they could resolve the issue? Let me know what they say.