Startup Questions

Hi - Just bought the BB theme and plugin. I must not be searching for the right things because I can’t find answers either in the documentation or here. If you have any tips, please let me know. Is there a getting started document that provides an overview of using the theme/plugin? Here are some initial questions:

  1. I want a photo in the header with a line of text near the bottom of it and maybe a call to action button. What would be the best module to use for that? I added a photo and it is full-width and responsive, but I’d like the writing to go over it so the size doesn’t get crazy with wider sites. I tried using a slider with only one image, but I can’t position the text where I want it and the text ends up on two lines even though I didn’t ask for that.

  2. What size photo should I use for a header that is going to be full-width?

  3. How to I change the copyright at the bottom and is it possible to remove the Powered by, though you guys are great…

Thanks for your help.


Hi Kathleen,

Sorry to hear you didn’t find what you were looking for. We are in the process of upgrading our documentation. Therefore, if you have any feedback, please feel free to post this on our UserVoice.

  1. If I understand correctly what you want to achieve, you should be able to add a One Column Row to your page and then add the Call to Action module inside that Row.

Once added, configure the Call to Action as you like and then goto the Row settings and add your background image there.

  1. The header image size shouldn’t really be an factor, as long as it is quite large. Especially, as you want your header image to be full-width. When you add an image to the Row settings you can control it’s position and how it scales.

  2. To change the copyright information from the Footer. Open up the WordPress Customizer from the WordPress admin bar and navigate to Footer > Footer Layout. Here you should see the default text for our copyright information, simply replace this with your own.


Hi Danny - Thanks for your reply

please look at

I started out with the Grand Template, but then discovered that it was a slider and I just want a static image. But, I would like wording and a button on the image if that’s possible???

Also, the resolution is horrid cause the image is just a sample. But, the size is 1000x223px and look at the size it’s at now. I set the height to full and it was huge. Set to default, it’s cut off.

What am I doing wrong?

Just FYI - There’s nothing in that Footer Layout Content field. When you add something new, it replaces the default, evidently.

Hey Kathleen,

So for the image issue, the reason it’s being cut off is because you’re setting it as a background image, and there is no content. The background size is relative to the content area. The only reason it’s showing is because there is a default padding of 20px on each side. And since this is a background image on the row, you can place modules on top of it, as I believe that is the layout you’re trying to achieve.

Re the Footer, that is correct. If the Footer Layout Content field is left to blank, it shows the default text. You either disable that part, or place your own content.

Hope this helps!


Hi Ben - Thanks for the response.

  1. What’s the best way to do the header I’m shooting for? Should I be using the image as a background, or put it in as a Photo, but then how can I get it to be full-width? And, then I couldn’t put a module on top of it, right?

  2. How can I position a Button or the Call to Action Button? I tried moving the button down with a top margin, but then that made the header background huge.

Maybe I should just ask this: What set up would you recommend to achieve a full-width image with lettering that I can control in terms of where it shows up and either a call to action or regular button that I can control where it appears? Am I trying to do the impossible?

  1. I need the lettering to stand out more on the photo. I don’t see a way to shadow the lettering, so I tried to use a background, but since I can’t positron the Header or the Text or Button on the Call to Action, the background actually covers most of the image.

Please give me the benefit of your expertise. Just getting answers to the questions I’m asking doesn’t seem to be getting me much closer to finalizing this header.


The other thing I don’t understand is that I set a different image as the background. It is 750x255. It appears on the site around 529 tall. If I am supposed to use the image as a background, how can I control the size??

And, then I looked at it on a phone and the background image is huge and you can only see a few of the words - they didn’t adjust size. I’m doing something wrong, right?

Hi Kathleen,

If you wish to have your background image be the full-width of your header. Then you’re going to need to use the fill option from the Scale option.


However, fill is styled to use the cover CSS value. Cover will scale the background image to be as large as possible so that the background area is completely covered by the background image. Some parts of the background image may not be in view within the background positioning area. This is considered best for responsive design, the downside is that for this to work your image may be clipped.

In regards to your header layout, if you can provide a concept image or a link to page that has the layout you’re trying to achieve. We will be able to guide you on what you need to do to achieve it.


Hi Danny,

Thanks for getting back to me. Here’s a site I built with Visual Composer: I like Visual Composer, but it’s got more bells and whistles than I need, and I was thinking that your builder would be easier for me to use.

On VC, I was able to control the height of the image at the top of the page and it adjusts without significantly changing size.

The difference I’m looking for in my Wise Transitions site is that I want the image taller and I want lettering on it. I’d also like a button if that is possible.

I want the lettering and the button to appear across the bottom of the image.

Is that enough info?

Thanks again.

Hey Kathleen,

You can assign a background image to the row, then place modules on top of it. Can you not do this on your site? If so, can you share temp admin access so we can check? You can post the details here using the private reply option below.


Hey Ben,

Yes, I can do that. And, I played with it some more.

It looks like you can increase the top margin to lower the call to action somewhat, but when you do that you make the image taller. It doesn’t look like there’s a way to specifically position the call to action elements on the image without changing the image size.

Also, there might be some CSS to do it, but it doesn’t look like there’s a way within the builder to assign a size to the call to action button, right? It’s a standard width even if there are only two words on it, looks like.

Hey Kathleen,

Yes, you’ll have to play around with the margin/padding settings to adjust the placement of the modules. The image is a background, so it fills the content area. If the content is tall, the background will be tall. What kind of layout are you trying to achieve? Can you elaborate?

Same question with the CTA Button. If you can share a mock up of what you’re trying to achieve, we’ll be more than happy to assist you with it. :slight_smile: You can upload images to an image sharing platform like imgur and paste the link here so we can see.


Hi Ben - I think I figured it out, see:

Thanks for getting back to me. I just have to learn how to work within the builder and forget other builders I’ve used. I think with the size image and the way it’s cropped and the CTA the way it is, that works for me.

This builder is much easier to use, I just have to go thru a bit of a learning curve :slight_smile:

Thanks again to all for your patience and help!


Hi Kathleen,

Happy to hear your issue(s) have been resolved and thank you for informing us. We appreciate it.