Strange behaviour with a sticky menu pluggin

Hello I am having a strange behavior with the pluggin on my site . I am using that was recommended on another thread for a sticky menu and everything works perfect on my 24 inch desktop 1080p screen, but on my 15 inch laptop and 10.2 inch tablet as soon as the you start to slide down the last item in the menu (that is why you see the sample page as I was doing test) just forms a second line and comes just bellow the home link. I have posted it on the author page on wordpress and here if ever there is an explanation for this problem.

Hey Jean,

Thanks for posting! I checked your site but I can’t seem to see the issue? I did only squeeze the browser though. Do you mind showing a screenshot of it? You can attach it to imgur and paste the link here.


Another bug that I saw when using this plugin and beaver builder is when the page changes and the menu becomes burger, what happen is that the menu still appears in vertical form. i had a solution for it is setting the pluggin stop working when it is less than 775 pixel. but no more sticky menu when in burger mode.

Hey Jean Daniel,

It appears this issue may be something you’ll need to work on with the plugin developer. I don’t believe this is related to Beaver Builder. Please let us know what you find out from the author and we’ll go from there!