Styling builtin wordpress pages

I know this is a long shot but is there any way to enable the editor on wordpress pages like search, index, archives, categories etc? I made the mistake of using BB to create the content-area and sidebar for every page only realizing now that the built-in pages cannot be styled with BB. I know that BB uses the the_content so I’m thinking I’m SOL for these pages…

Seems that I will either have to recreate these templates/styles in the theme files or figure out a way to serve these as pages instead (which sucks because for every new category I will need to create a page, add the posts module with the category filter etc.)

I’ve learned a lesson here but any advice would be appreciated.

Hey Tim,

Thanks for getting in touch! Unfortunately, you are correct in that the Page Builder doesn’t work with WordPress pages currently. That is a fantastic feature request though and something we’ve thrown around the office before. Feel free to add that as a feature request here and we’ll take a look! Thanks again!