Submenu issue

Hi, how are you? I’m creating a menu in BB and I’m having a bit of an issue. Well, a lot of times the bullets I have made in my theme will show up when I try to add one of the elements in BB. As you see the menu bar has the bullets. I would like those removed, as well as future elements pulling those. Also, what is up with the weird sliders under it? And lastly, I would prefer to use another font and size (the one on my top menu).

Thanks so much :slight_smile:

the slider thing is gone now, weird. WHen I first created it it had a scroll slider, then when I update the menu with new links it went away.

Hi Noor,

The issue is actually caused by your theme’s CSS. To override this, you will want to use the following CSS:

.fl-module-menu .fl-menu-horizontal li:before {
    content: none;


[Content Hidden]

Hey Noor,

This is caused by the same styling from your theme. Can you check on your theme settings and see if there is a way to disable this? If there isn’t, the code below should remove it.

#na-main .na-footer-inner ul>li:before {
  content: none;