Super bummed

as I have been looking at Beaver Builder for about a month now and finally bought.

But it won’t work on my Genesis based site. All other pages on my site load just fine, but all the pages I tried to create using Beaver gives me a Gateway Time-out. The gateway did not receive a timely response from the upstream server or application.

Tried to work on three new pages using Beaver Builder and every time when I try to save, it times out.

This is a Genesis / Dynamic built site and all other pages load fine, but I can’t use Beaver Builder at all.

My site:

and a few of the pages I tried to use Beaver Builder on :

Hey Kelli,

Thanks for getting in touch and sorry to hear about the issues! As you mention that site link, I am wondering if maybe you are trying to use the page builder for posts, but don’t have that option ticked in the settings of the page builder in your dashboard? At initial install, the page builder is only active for pages, but if you would like to use it for posts, you’ll need to toggle that option in the page builder settings via Settings > Page Builder > Post Types. Would you mind checking that out real quick to see if that is the issue? If not, please go ahead and send along temp admin access via private reply so I can take a look at what might be going on there.


Hi Bill,

I’ve only tried to use it on a page to load my posts, but not on an actual post. Only pages. If I want to load posts on page using one of the blog templates, then will I need to toggle Posts in Page builder settings?


No, you shouldn’t have to do that in that case. Would you mind sharing temp admin access so I can take a look?


Hi Billy,

Perhaps it was just a temporary server gremlin as I have now managed to use the blog template on one of my pages –

I’ll continue to play around with it. It was a bit jarring to be getting that Gateway Time out error right out of the bat but since I was able to create one page with Beaver Builder, seems like the gremlin has departed :slight_smile:

Thanks for the support.

Awesome, great to hear! Let us know if anything comes up, we’ll be standing by! :slight_smile: