Templates not showing up

New user, forgive bone-headedness. I’m just getting started, watching videos, getting things set up. BB Theme and Builder appear to both be installed and all set. However when I watch these videos, what I see is different from what Colin sees.

Specifically in this one
around 1:50 mark, I do not get the option to select Template after starting Page Builder for first time.

Similarly (?) I don’t ever see the Page Builder header (with the beaver icon in left corner) or the Template, Tools, Done buttons on the right side.

This is greatly limiting my ability to follow along – what have I done wrong?

86 that request. Newbie resolves issue on own.

I had mistakenly set both Front page and Posts page to the same page in the Reading settings. Resolved that and now going full guns.


Hey Michael,

Thanks for posting. If you run into anything else be sure to let us know!