Templating the footers


I’m new to Beaver Builder and struggling with a few things… I’m building a new website for a charity I volunteer with and my deadline to have it live is quickly disappearing.

I’ve got two global rows I want applied to all pages and posts but the home page and I can’t see to find a way to force it on the posts?

There are a few other annoying things that I don’t know how to fix.

Hey Sandra,

The only easy way around that would be for you to add those page builder generated content via action hooks and shortcodes. Check my reply on the thread below and see if it helps. :slight_smile:

Can you elaborate on the other things you need help with?


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Sorry, not really sure what white space you meant on the It’s all possible section. Do you mean the white spaces after the images?

Re the header image, are you referring to the violet strip on the top? If so, it’s because the circular images that you have there are of different sizes, e.g., on the programs page, the image is 300x225, but on the donate page, it’s 300x209. Some of the pages also have 3 lines of texts while the other only has 2.

Hope this helps!