The Cache Images in the Cache Folder for BB


If we uploads any compressed photo in wordpress media area , BB always make a copy for any image used to build the content template in the cach folder
…/wp-content/uploads/bb-plugin/cache/THE [losslessly compressed] CACHE IMAGES HERE

Those images become losslessly compressed and we have to recompress those images again in the BB cache folder which make us not only do double work but the more photo we use the more this become complex and difficult to maintain.

We need solution please !!

With Regards,

Hey Alhawiya,

Actually, not all images get stored there, only images that are cropped using the page builder. And since it’s cropped, it’s a different image altogether so it needs to be compressed again. You can crop the image before uploading them and not use the crop option on our modules to avoid this. :slight_smile: