Theme Block Images for Agency Users

On, an html site sits.
I am re-building it in WP with BB.
I use the Agency Version.
Question/issue #1 The template doesn't load. (it's been trying to load for 5 min) This is what I see.... I can make changes and they show up, as you can see at will be the new home page once site is complete. The actual site is here... I should be able to see it as usual, yes? Ah Ha... After 7 minutes, It appeared. Sorry. <code></code>Question/issue #2
See image
Can the Template ‘Blocks’ be customized also? That would be nice.
I will have upcoming questions about how to get the ‘BB’ header to look like the ‘live’ version. Particularly on the right side of the header. I should be able to do it, correct?
I will try it with HTML code. It would be nice to be able to drop modules into the template. Or will HTML do what I need? I’d like a phone icon in there as seen on live site.
Any tips on this?
Thanks Guys!

Hey Jon,

Sorry but what do you mean template blocks? Do you mean the image that you see for the child theme? Yes, you should be able to customize that by changing the screenshot.png file found inside the child theme. It has to be the same filename though.

You should be able to do the header with no problems. You can just use a Nav Bottom layout and choose Text for the header content layout. The text box for the header content accepts HTML so you can just insert that phone icon using the img tag. Then just adjust the styling via CSS and that should be it.

Hope this helps!


You are correct about the theme images. I will try it.
I will work on the header.
Thanks Ben

No worries! Let us know how it goes! :slight_smile: