TinyMCE colour picker inputs affected by my stylesheet

Hi there,

When editing a text module and trying to change the colour of some text using the WYSIWYG editor the text in the input boxes for RGB and hex values cannot be seen because it is being made white by a style from my site’s stylesheet.

I know I can add a style to my site’s stylesheet to target these input boxes but it seems like a bug that my site’s styles should affect the styles within the page builder’s editor. It worries me that other styles in my stylesheet might be having an effect on the appearance of the builder and its controls.


Hey Michael,

The reason this is happening is because we’re loading your theme’s styling when the page builder launches, as we’re a frontend builder. Your theme’s styling may be a bit too specific that it overrode our default styling for the builder’s elements.

Once the page builder launches, a class of fl-builder-edit is added to the HTML tag so in case you want to add styling for elements when the builder interface is active, you can target that.

Hope this helps, and let us know if we can assist further! :slight_smile: