Titles missing in blog

Hey hey, this seems ridiculous that I can’t figure this out but I can’t seem to get the titles to show on my blog.


I see:

.fl-post-header {
display: none;

But I can’t seem to find where the setting is… to turn this off and show the header. I tried to go back to the parent theme and still showed the same thing.

Would love some help!


Hi Simon,

Can you first update to the latest version and then provide us with temp admin access, please?


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Hey Simon,

This is actually an issue we’re trying to fix. The problem happens when you call a template/page via the shortcode. It also loads in its CSS file, including the CSS which hides the page’s default title. The only way around it for now is to override that styling. Try using the CSS snippet below and see if it works for you.

.blog .fl-post-header {
  display: block;


Ahhh OK I see, that’s an interesting problem! Cheers for letting me know Ben.

Hmm I wish I could offer some suggestions to resolve that one…

Workaround is good enough for me for now. Cheers mate!

Oh and the single post title doesn’t display either or the archives or search (any others??)

Added to your CSS:

.blog .fl-post-header,
.single .fl-post-header,
.archive .fl-post-header,
.search .fl-post-header {
  display: block;

Yep! That should make it work for single posts as well. :slight_smile: You can check the thread below for more info on the problem. Also, on the same thread, another user posted his suggestion which we’re considering. :slight_smile: