Transparent Button is not transparent

I’m running the latest WordPress 4.3.1, BB Plugin and Theme with no other plugins activated.

The Button Advanced Module doesn’t change when I set the Button style from “Flat” to “Transparent”. All the Button Colors are set to Default.


Hey Doug,

You’ll need to apply a different background color in order to set up transparency for a button. With the defaults, the transparency settings don’t have a color to reference for say the border color, etc. Give it a shot and you’ll see what I mean, bit hard to explain. :slight_smile:


Thanks Billy,

Yes it’s hard to explain as in “not very transparent” :slight_smile: But I got it working.

This issue came about because the Accent Color is set for both text and button backgrounds. So I set the Accent Color to “Orange” for the button background and did a bit of CSS for the Text links (“Blue”). Because I wanted “White” text for the button (it kept defaulting to a Dark color), even more CSS.

So in any future Theme changes, I think it would be useful in the Customizer to have the Accent Color for the text links and additional settings for Buttons with colors, sizes, etc. I find that I usually want to target different colors for each. I’ll put that into a feature request.

Thanks again.

Thanks Doug, sounds good, we’ll take a look!