Transparent Content Background

I’d like to have a Body Background image cover the entire page (including header, navigation and footer) which I can do in the “Design” Theme Settings. How do I get the “Content Background” to be transparent so the background image shows through. I can only enter a color in the “Content Background” Theme Settings.

Is there some CSS that I could add that would allow that?


Hey Doug,

Custom CSS such as this isn’t something we necessarily support in here as we keep very busy with other things Beaver Builder, but to get you headed in the right direction, the below will make the content background transparent. I would also recommend checking out Colin’s video on CSS hero as that could help immensely for any CSS tweaks you may need. CSS Hero requires BB CSS elements which Colin provided here recently. Hope that helps!

.fl-page-content {
background: none;


Thanks Billy, that did the trick plus running the Theme in “Boxed” instead of “Full Width” setting.