Tutorial Plugin You Can Tailor To Your Software

Hi guys! I just came across a WP Plugin called “Sidekick”. While it offers general step by step free lessons on how to use WP with interaction (you click on items, etc.) but, it also (not free) offers you the developer the ability to create your own SideKick developer-specific Sidekick tutorials for your own software as well. They are playable for owners of your WPBB plugin or your theme as well. Once the Sidekick plugin is installed, it will play your tutorials for that user for your plugin(s) and take them step by step through some item on your menu or idea they need to learn how to use associated with your WPBB/Theme plugin.

Give it a try. I have always been suggesting interactive tutorials for you and this is right up that alley…!!!

The plugin is found on WP plugins at “sidekick” and you can try it out for free. I have and will use it for my clients who need a “personal feeling and interactive” tutorials for something or other. My guess (I have not done this yet) is that the creation of the tutorials is not hard to do at all and once you use it, is easy.

There is a HUGE benefit to you for this. As you know with anything that has a learning curve, once you get someone over the learning curve, they get “loyal and committed” to using your plugin. Plus this puts using WPBB into the realm of a PERSONAL INTERACTION WITH YOU GUYS vs. impersonal techno-stuff.

This is NOT an affiliate spam thing. I think of you a lot and how to sell more and learn how to use being a vital part of selling.

Hey David! Thanks so much for the feedback. We really appreciate it.

We’re very familiar with Sidekick. It’s an awesome tool. Unfortunately, there are some technical conflicts that would make it very difficult to implement in Beaver Builder—we did try!

I believe Sidekick was actually the inspiration for our built-in walk though.

Thanks again for the suggestion, though, we couldn’t agree more. :slight_smile: