Unable to Add to Gallery

I am running BB Lite and the BB Booster since I am only building a single site. Mac OS Catalina, 10.15.6, Chrome and Safari browsers, GoDaddy host.

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my website (a year or more) so I updated plugins, themes and PHP security. These updates somehow interfered with my theme (i-amaze?) and kept it from loading. I switched to bizart theme and it loaded.

I needed to add photos to existing galleries and create new pages with new galleries. I uploaded photos to my Media Library and then proceeded to build pages. Using BB I added galleries but when I tried to populate the gallery from the Media Lib, I can check photos to add but there was no button to click “add to library” or “update gallery” . I can switch between Edit Gallery, Add to Gallery or Cancel Gallery on the lefthand menu but no photos ever end up in the gallery. If I use the Standard Editor I can add galleries and populate them. It’s a temporary workaround as this precludes the further use of BB for that page.

This workaround DOES NOT allow me to maintain/add to existing galleries on other pages. Again, BB doesn’t allow me to add pics to the gallery and furthermore the Standard Editor doesn’t see the previously BB-built gallery. The only workaround is to build a new Standard Editor gallery and abandon BB.

NOTE: I have disabled all plugins except BB and BB Booster and the problem remains.