Unable to select a row container after adding a module - is this normal?

This is more a question than support request. I have only recent purchased BB and still getting to grips with it.

What I have noticed is that after adding a row of columns I can edit each column and apply styles such as padding, margin, background etc to each column container. But as soon as I add a module into a column I can no longer select the column container to change the styles. I have to move the module out of the column container apply the style and move the module back into it.
Is this done by design? or is there a way I have not yet discovered to select the column when a module is it it?


Hey Lee,

No worries at all! The settings are actually still there, they just change to a different icon which resembles a little book. Click on that after you add a module and you’ll see how you can access the column settings after the fact. Hope that helps!


Got it! Thanks Billy


Awesome, enjoy! :slight_smile: