Unable to sort depth of image file in row

Folks- here’s todays question :slight_smile:

I’m trying to duplicate the following page using beaver instead of my previous page builder:http://jsmartwp.users41.interdns.co.uk/

I have a slider within a row and the row has a background image of 320px deep (tried applying with row fill and css but no luck). Here’s a screen grab of the settings:https://www.dropbox.com/s/bubqyoknkvios2g/jsmartwp_users41_interdns_co_uk__dslc_active.png?dl=0

In BB: http://smartwp.users40.interdns.co.uk/
I’ve created the same with a row (full width) have place the slider in the fixed row html module added the 320px background image with the following settings: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8appb7ok383ic8j/J__Smart___Co___Just_another_WordPress_site.png?dl=0

but cannot get the image to only go 320px deep and not the whole row depth - it’s like I need to be able to manipulate row height - any help AGAIN would be great!

Many thanks


Hey Darron,

Try setting the Scale option to None and see if it works! :slight_smile:


Hey Ben

Do you guys never sleep! :slight_smile:

That’s it!! worked perfectly - didn’t register that option sorry - se here: http://smartwp.users40.interdns.co.uk/

Just need to still sort out the custom post type use with BB and I’ll be transferring site over to BB and Builder Theme

Have a grand weekend!


No worries, Darron! You do the same and enjoy BB! :slight_smile: