Unresponsive site

After placing an embed code

(<iframe src="https://quizlet.com/64113944/flashcards/embed" height="410" width="100%" style="border:0"></iframe>)

onto a post using Beaver builder accordion the whole site has crashed and I can’t even get at the admin dashboard. I’m using an LMS plugin (NamastePro) which creates a custom post type called a lesson, and the embed code is within that.

I’ve got full ftp access but I’m not at all sure what to do.

If you are able to help with this I’ll be very grateful - but I will be out of the country and away from my pc for the next week.

No problems giving you admin access when I get back, if it will help.

Hey Colin,

Could you follow this guide to recover your Website? If that resolves the issue, reactivate each plugin individually until you find the cause. Let us know how it goes!