Update produced blank site

Hi I just updated the theme on this site - http://scalescenes.info/

I can still get in the back end but there is nothing displaying on the site.

This site is still under development and I chose it first. I will leave my other sites until this is sorted.



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Thanks John and sorry to hear about the issues! We’ll take a look asap and get back to you.


Hey John,

Would it be possible to get FTP access? I need to enable error logging to see what the issue might be. Thanks!


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Thanks, John. Those errors are unrelated, but the error I did want to see is showing up on the front-end now. I believe I know what the issue is but would like to do a little more testing to be sure (and hotfix your site) if you don’t mind sending over FTP info. Let me know.


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Thanks, John! I’ve identified the source of the bug and patched your site. We’ll be releasing an update that fixes this later today.


Thanks Justin. I appreciate it is sorted. Great support as always.