Upload Problem with the Pro Package

What could be causing me problems in uploading files to Wordpress. I purchased the Pro package. Downloaded everything to my computer. I then went to Plug In in WordPress - Add New - Upload. I to to my Download Folder and when I select Beaver Builder Template, it wants to upload one small file at a time. It will take me all day to upload all these files. Any help or suggestions what is going on here. I sure wanted to work on this on this nice rainy Sunday.

Hi Alexandra,

I’m a tiny bit confused!
Are you trying to install the BB plugin or the BB theme (this is the Theme forum, hence my confusion)

And when you say one file at a time - can you provide more info?
Both plugins and themes are uploaded by choosing the single zip file.
bb-plugin-pro.zip (for the plugin) and bb-theme.zip for the theme.
(There isn’t a zip file called template - they are selected to start a new page once the BB plugin is installed.)
So clarify my questions and I’m sure we can get you going!
Also don’t forget the Knowledge-base help that has articles on how to install both plugin and theme.
e.g. http://forum.wpbeaverbuilder.com/knowledge-base/plugin-installation/

Regards, Dave

Hi Dave: I am sorry to be confusing. This is where I am now after working through a couple issues. I am sorry if I am in the wrong forum. Not sure how I got here. Brand new and just downloaded Beaver Builder. Matter of fact, it did not arrive zipped so I had to zip on the files.

Since posting, I have gone in to Wordpress and uploaded the theme and child theme successfully but when I attempt the BB Plugin Pro I am getting this message now…

“The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.” Help please?

Hi Alexander,
All the downloads are zip files, so i’m not sure what you mean by ‘did not arrived zipped’
The error message sounds like you are trying to install the BB plugin as a theme.
Your error message mentions ‘Theme’. So you need to go to Plugins, Add new plugin

I would carefully go through the installation instructions for both themes and plugin that I linked to earlier.
Late Sunday night here, so have to go, but post back amd let us know how you go.
Cheers, Dave

Beautiful - all done. Thank you. I was following some instructions for another site. I will try to post in the proper forum from now on. : )

Glad you worked it out.

Hey Dave,

Thanks for jumping in!


Glad it’s working now. Don’t hesitate to let us know if you need anything further!

Also, I moved this to the General Questions forum. Enjoy BB! :slight_smile: