Upper header menu

hi poeple, isnt it possible to select two different menus in the upper header?
when i select left and right a menu i get the same menu on both places and do not see that i can select different menus for these?
any help apriciated, wkr

I think you are talking about the Top Bar in the BB Theme. To my knowledge there is not a default way to have separate menus for the column 1 and column 2 in the Top Bar. They both share the same menu location.

You would either have to modify the (child) theme, or possibly there is a plugin to create new menu locations, but I’m not aware of one.

And it may also be possible to hook into the top bar using the fl_top_bar_col1_open and fl_top_bar_col2_open hooks to add in the nav item.

Hey norm, thanks for replying.
I am not so much of a coder.
I was hoping for a simple solution, not plugin a filter or snippet of some sort.
It would have been usefull for one of my sites bit not essentiel.
Seen the last i pas to find another solution for this little problem.
I thank you very much for the tip and effort of responding.
Wkr jack

No problem. I think that would be a good feature request to the BB team to add separate menu locations for the top bar columns.

Thats a quick respons,
I think so to, its crazy that we can only put in one menu instead of two fifferent ones.
Wel lets hope the bb team figures something out, wkr

There’s a solution called Beaver Themer which allows to replace the theme’s header (among many other things) with a custom layout build with Beaver Builder.
In this layout, you can set as many menus as you need using BB Menu module.

Also, no Themer required: assuming you’re using the BB Theme, you can use the top bar, above the main header, to display 2 additional menus in each left/right column.
In the customizer, select just “Menu” in the dropdown.

Hi avanti
I dont have themer but the BB theme.
Indead like you say you can select menu on both upper menu rows but.
the but is that the theme does not give you the opertunity to select 2 different menus only one for both places isnt that strange?
thnak you for replying again, i apriciate it.

wkr jack

Well, 1 menu in the header should be usually enough in my opinion, so i don’t find this is particularly strange in BB theme.
You have extra possibilities for additional menus in the top bar or custom header with Themer which would fill your requirement.
You can also choose another theme with 2 menus in header, if it exists.
I’m sure you can finally get what you want with all those possibilities.