User Agent sensing to load different template?

We’ve loaded user-agent-conditional pages and templates in the past and the whole point of mobile-responsive design is to eliminate that sort of redundant effort, but I’m wondering if there is some clever way, of which I’m not yet aware, that BB could load a different template based on a user-agent?

For an upcoming site we’ve built a really cool parallax team page that has a wide photo (in a row background) of the person and two columns overlaid…the left column being 40% with a tabbed overview of their skills. It looks awesome in a desktop browser but the row’s background photo doesn’t shrink down so you can no longer see their face.

I know we could place their tabbed skills content in the left column and their photo in the right one—so then it would be perfectly mobile responsive—but aren’t sure how to dynamically call a different template and/or page using BB.

Hey Steve,

I have to admit, I didn’t fully understand the first part of your post there. But regarding loading a different template for when in mobile view, you could create 2 rows with the same content. Set one to show only on large devices and the other for mobiles, then do the layout respectively. Is that what you’re after?


Oh geez Steve…RTFM! Just saw that I can adjust the responsive layout of the row itself. Just delete this since I’m now so embarrassed (see how redfaced my avatar is?). :wink:

It is Ben…which I discovered and then realized what a dolt I was for not fully exploring option (the “RTFM” comment to myself!).

That did it too…thanks!

No worries! Enjoy BB! :slight_smile: