Using BB plugin with Tabify Edit Screen plugin

Hi Guys,

I usually open links to work on pages using the BB plugin in a new tab in WP admin (cmd+ click). Also I always access the builder from the pages page list, not on an individual page.

However, by chance I just tried this when on an individual page - clicking the ‘launch page builder’ button. The page opened over the page and not in a new tab.

Now the problem is that I’m using ‘Tabify Edit Screen’ plugin - to make the page area more friendly for users.

When you click done/publish a page - it goes to page with “page not found”. This is due to the following being added to the end of the URL ‘//&tab=0’

Can you consider making all links from the page builder in admin automatically open in a new tab/page. I think this would be a better working experience and stop any conflicts like above. This would be great if ‘Page Builder’ link on the Pages page (when you hover over page name) also opened in new tab.)

This is the way I teach all users to use the page builder, as I found many were getting confused when it actually opened over the page they were on in the admin. However, I’d never actually used it on an individual page with the Tabify plugin until just now.

Look forward to hearing your thoughts on this.


Hey Dennis,

Thanks for the thorough explanation. The default action when you click on a link has always been to open over the page. But, as you’ve noted above, we have an option to open it on a new window/tab by holding down a certain key so I don’t think the guys are going to implement that but that’s just me. I think the main problem here is the Launch Page Builder button. The only way to open it in a new window/tab is via the right click menu. I’m going to tell the guys about this and see what can be done. Don’t worry, I’ll tell them about changing the default action for all Page Builder links as well. :slight_smile:


Hey Dennis,

You can head over to our User Voice Forums and add this in as a feature request. The guys are gonna need to take a deeper look at this. :slight_smile:


OK will do

For example: Thrive Content Builder - they have all links to builder, in Pages and on an individual page open in a new tab. This approach seems to work well. So I really hope team consider this.