Using Custom Headers - Google Indexing concern

Hey guys,

We have been using the new BB shortcodes and render query to use custom saved rows as custom headers on a few sites now and we’re loving it!

A concern we have on one site in particular (but also in general):

We have a site that has a membership area that is using some third party plugins like BBPress and in order to make everything work correctly, we are using the BB Theme’s default header on the membership pages, but custom saved rows as the headers on the front facing site. We want Google to index the header of the front facing site for SEO purposes, not the membership area.

Will this configuration of using the default BB Theme header for our membership “backend” and custom rows on the “front” end cause conflict?


Hey David! How’s things. :slight_smile:

Are the two headers the same? I don’t see any reason why this would cause issues. If they’re different they could have some impact on SEO, but in terms of conflicts, I don’t see any reason why that would be a bad idea.