Using Views with Beaver Builder


Is it possible to use Beaver Builder with the Views plugin, using long form pages? I already have a layout set up, and was trying to use page builder for each individual page, and when viewing that page separately it looked as it should, but when viewing the Views long page, the changes were not seen for each section.

If possible what needs to be done to enable it? Or just need to make one long form page with Beaver builder?


Hi Leho,

None of us here have experience with the Views plugin, so I am not 100% sure. Most page builder plugins “take over” what is outputted by WordPress’ the_content function, so they generally don’t work well together. I can’t quite tell if views “takes over” that function, but if it does it’s unlikely you’ll be able to use BB and Views together.

I’ll leave my email at the bottom of the post. If you wouldn’t mind zipping up the current version of the views plugin, I will install it and play around. I’ll be able to help a lot more if I can get into the views plugin and better understand what it’s doing.

robby [at] fastlinemedia [dot] com

Thanks Leho!