Validation Errors


I am using the Builder Theme for the first time and it has been an easy and enjoyable experience. The following is just a small point but worth addressing when you have the time.

I show my clients how my sites’ home pages score in the w3 validator. It is a good strategy as they understand the site is well built. I have put together a site using Beaver theme - The site is fast and works as expected.

When I validated the site it came up with 2 errors.

  1. An img element must have an alt attribute, except under certain conditions. For details, consult guidance on providing text alternatives for images.
    …ds/2014/10/Logo.png" itemprop=“logo” /><meta itemprop=“name” content="Consulta…

Basically the logo is missing an alt.

  1. No space between attributes.
    …page-nav fl-nav navbar navbar-default"role=“navigation” itemscope=“itemscope” …

Your theme is wonderful and I would deeply appreciate it if in a future update these could be addressed.



Thanks for the feedback, John, and for the kind words!

Hey John,

I’m currently working on a big update to the theme and will look into this for that release.


Thanks Justin. I am looking forward to the update, particularly what you are doing to the header.



Just to add to the missing alt attribute problem. They are also missing from the slider images. An example would be:

<div class="fl-slide-mobile-photo"><img class="fl-slide-mobile-photo-img" src="" /></div><div class="fl-slide-bg-photo" style="background-image: url(;"></div>

Hm, this thread was from a few months ago, so maybe I should have started a new one. Eh, well, I’ll keep it here for now.

Hey Donna,

Thanks for the heads up. I’ve made a note to look into that for the next update.