Vertical Alignment Top for rows

In relation to this discussion:

I can see there is a new setting for vertical alignment for columns, but not for rows, which is what is being discussed here?

Also if I am using a row with no content - it would be nice to have a settings for the row to set a fixed height (for different media queries) Possible?

Regards, Dave

Hi Dave,

Thanks for posting! We actually did add it for both columns and rows. Here’s the changelog entry for that…

Added settings to vertically center or top align content in full height rows and equal height columns.

It’s not currently possible to set the height of rows other than full-height or default, but thanks for the feedback on that.


Thanks Justin, I’ll take a close look.
Cheers, Dave

Hi Justin,
I took a closer look at this, and see that (as you say) the alignment setting is only when you have ‘full height’ set for the row.
But I don’t understand why this feature is only for when the row is set to full height.
I don’t see full height as an often used setting (for me at least) and don’t follow why the alignment settings is not also available when the row is NOT full height ?

TIA, Dave

Hi Dave,

Thanks for checking that out and the follow-up.

The reason that it’s only available for full-height rows is that standard rows don’t have a set height, so the content can’t be aligned one way or the other. The height conforms to the height of the content. If we ever get a setting in there to adjust the height of standard rows, we’ll make sure to make the alignment setting available.