Video background fallback?

I love the beaver builder so far, in fact I am thinking about upgrading our license to agency level.

I like the video background feature a lot, however I have a concern - proper file format fallbacks. Does Beaver Builder support having multiple files for the video (mp4, webm, ogg)?

Unfortunately that is what is needed right now in order to provide the best user experience - webm has the smallest file sizes, but .mp4 has the broadest support and so on…

I am hoping there is a way to make this work though it does not seem obvious when setting it up.


Hey Nick,

Good to hear from you again! I believe this is a similar request to a post in this forum. We still are in the same boat in that we will be looking into that in the future. MP4 is very widely supported so I would suggest using that format.


Ahh - I didn’t see the response there, guess I didn’t set email notices.

This is an important feature. On another site we did (using visual composer, which supports fallbacks) the .webm file was nearly 45% smaller than the .mp4 because the compression is better.

I hope you can implement soon!