Visual editor isn't working any more on 2 different websites


Recently on some of my sites the visual editor stopped working. On these sites the visual editor used to work fine.


When I change the theme on these sites the visual editor starts working again.

The problem seems to be a conflict from Beaver Builder with some themes I’m using. On one site I’m using the Stockholm theme and on the other site the ‘University’ theme.

As I said they used to work fine together. Can you please look into this issue?

Kind regards,
Bart van den Bosch

PS Could you please add the possibility to upload screenshots to your ticket system?

Hey Bart!

Sorry to hear about the issue! What appears to be the nature of the issue with these themes? If you can’t launch the Page Builder it might be that they have not added the_content() in a loop which is required for BB to work as outlined in our Troubleshooting page.

Sorry, we just have no way of testing these themes, if it would be possible for you to provide us with a temp access to one of your sites running these themes then that should help us narrow this down.

Re. the image, I see that you’re using Awesomescreenshot, you can just link to us directly to your screencapture if that would make it easier. You can use the img tag but it would require the actual link to the image with the extension and I don’t think Awesomescreenshot allows that.


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Hey Bart!

We just released BB 1.7.7 which included a patch that should fix various issues. Can you try updating real quick and see if the update fixes the issue, please? Try it out with one of your sites first.