Website displaying perfectly in Chrome & Firefox but not Safari, IE and Opera

Hi there - just wanted to say that as a non-coder I’m loving BB!

Just wondering if you could help sort out a formatting issue for me? My new site ( displays perfectly in Chrome and Firefox, but when I test it on Safari, Opera and IE the header image appears much larger and is duplicated, which throws out the menu placement as well. Also when I try to scroll down the page in these three browsers, the site goes all jumpy and does not scroll smoothly like it does with Chrome and Firefox.

Any thoughts on how to rectify this would be greatly appreciated!



Hi Shaun,

The site looks and works fine in those three browsers on my Windows 7 system. Same goes for Safari on the latest Mac OS on my Mini. Responsive on all also is fine.


Wow - that’s odd. I have not changed anything since lodging the support ticket, however when I test now it works for me too! Wish I had taken some screen shots for you, but I guess as long as it’s working everyone is happy!

Thanks Lyle :slight_smile:

Hey Lyle,

Thanks for jumping in!

Hey Shaun,

I did visit the site as well on Chrome, FF, Opera, Safari all latest version and the site is fine as well. Most of the time, issues like these are caused by caching plugins.

Anyway, just glad to know everything is working. Let us know if you need anything further! :slight_smile: