Weird responses when editing live site


I recently moved my site from local to the server, and BB’s modules/menus/etc. are acting strangely. Sometimes if I click on say “text editor,” a new tab in safari opens, and i get “page not found” on my site. Other times, say when I’m adding some row layouts, as I’m doing now, it’s sitting with the “thinking” line going across the page. Is there a setting I"m missing somewhere?


Hey Joey,

Do you mind sharing the steps you took when you transferred the site? One vital step that’s needed to be done when transferring BB sites is to use a serialized search and replace script. You can check the KB article below for more info.



Hi Ben-

The site was built locally (using MAMP and WP) to the live domain. We used UpDraft Plus to migrate the information.


Sorry, Ben…that should have read the site was built locally (using MAMP and WP on my computer), then migrated to the live domain.


Hey Joey,

Does the plugin have its own search and replace script? Have you used the plugin before? Can you try migrating just the DB again, but manually this time, and use the script recommended on the post I linked above and see if it works?


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