What would be the easiest way to save CSS /JS along with saved modules, columns or rows?

Once I never thought I would be adding custom CSS and JS to page templates! Now having a collection of templates is becoming invaluable.

Increasingly I am finding I am wanting to build a collection of modules (even columns and rows) with effects added. For example asking a client to copy a page and remove everything but one module seems not the solution.

I am not sure this is a good request to the BB team. I wonder also how easy it would be to make a plugin to do this?

There are probably lots of practical issues like potential conflicts I have not thought of

Hi David,

There is no way to save custom CSS/JS with a saved row, column or module. You can save custom CSS/JS for a template will this not do in your scenario?

Thanks Danny, I have put it in as a request now .It needs a bit of explaining but the idea is to start replacing 3rd party modules with templates to reduce bloat but have similar speed and flexibility . Mostly for clients and for sharing with peers

For example something like this could be stored as a column


so too could Dual buttons .

Image or menu roll-over effects as save as modules, Perhaps collections of styled list items.

Most of the things folk want BB to turn in to features and modules (and that end up bloating other page builders) perhaps could be saved templates.

Ah, ok I understand and thanks for putting in a feature request. :+1: