Which zipped folders should I upload to my site?

Hi BB team,

I just purchased the BB-Pro version, and am excited to use it. Quick question…

On the download page, I see the following files:

file 1: Beaver Builder Plugin (Pro Version)
file 2: Beaver Builder Theme
file 3: Beaver Builder Child Theme
file 4: Photoshop Files
file 5: Custom Module Examples
file 6: Custom Module Documentation

I have downloaded all 6 files. I have also uploaded file #s 1 and 2 to my site. I understand file #3 is only necessary if I plan to mess with the code inside the BB theme. I don’t plan to mess with it, and thus don’t need that file. I also understand that file #4 contains PSD files to support custom design work. I plan to use stock images, and thus don’t need file #4.

Please correct me if I’m wrong.

What about file #s 5 and 6? Do I need to upload those to my site?


Hi Damon,

For a start, remember you have two different products here.

So firstly for the theme, install the main BB theme zip file via Appearance >> Themes.
And see my reply regarding child themes here:

Secondly the BB Plugin is installed via Plugins >> New and that is really all you need.

For the rest, unless you want to a) modify the Photoshop files, b) Create your own custom modules - (if you do, then unzip #6 and read the documentation via the index.html file). But if you are just starting out, this is fairly advanced, so best left for a rainy day :slight_smile:

HTH, Dave

Hi Dave,

Thanks very much for taking the time to respond. I appreciate it. You’ve made an otherwise daunting task seem simple.

I’ve also read your reply in the “original theme vs. child theme” thread. It’s very helpful.

Thanks again for your help!


Thanks Damon, glad to have helped…