White labeling request

Hi BB support,

I noticed few “holes” in the white label features that comes with the agency licence. Can you please check this screenshot and give me your opinion? It’s not a blocking issue but I’d like to be consistent with the customers that request full admin capabilities and will thus access “view details” and the “wordpress update page”.


Thanks in advance,

Hey Marc,

Try checking Justin’s reply on the thread below. I’ve also assigned him on this thread to let you know where we’re going with this.


Hi Ben, I missed this post. Thanks. It makes sense. I must strengthen my arguments about roles when I release a site =)

Best regards,

Hey Marc,

I’ve created a ticket to look into the updates page, didn’t notice that before :slight_smile: As I mentioned, the change log is tricky, but I can at least look into that again too. I’ll let you know.


Ok Justin, thanks a lot!