Whitelabel Replace Beaver Icon

I’d like to see an easy way to replace the beaver Icon. We paid for whitelabeling, but it still shows a beaver icon on the editor top left: http://take.ms/ThNmh

I know I can replace the beaver.png, but that seems a bit hokey and it will likely get replaced on upgrades.

Could you add a way to set a custom icon in the whitelabel settings?

Can this be done using a child theme somehow?


Hey Jason,

We actually have been aware of this request for some time and just added the ability to change out the icon in a release sent out last night. You should have an update available to download and will immediately have that option in the page builder settings!


Thanks mucho mustachio!

Haha, thanks! I unfortunately no longer have the mustache, but certainly miss it time to time! :slight_smile: